David Reiss

As a small business we have more than two dozen employees who rely on our centralized systems. This is to say nothing of our various websites and email. And, while I admit that I am perhaps a “demanding” and/or “challenging” client, I can say, without qualification, that Green Olive Tree is a Godsend. They provide the fastest response and never take “No” for an answer. They do what it takes to get the job done and always with a smile. Jon Berry is a highly skilled System Administrator, a Diplomat (he would have to be to work with us) and an all-around pleasure to work with. I simply cannot begin to describe how Green Olive Tree has saved us not only money, but made it possible for technologically-challenged people to sleep at night. I would welcome any calls to provide a long and detailed reference as to why you would be crazy to look elsewhere for a System Administration Company.