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Unlike most management companies, our technicians are equally proficient with both Windows and Linux, so we can support any kind of server environment.

Site/Application availability Checks

Server Health Checks

Patch/Update management

Server Security

Firewall Management

Spam outbreak detection

Server malware scans

Rebootless kernel Updates

Log Analysis

Full system configuration/Administration

Proactive Server Management

We are alerted quickly to all kinds of small problems, such as resource usage changes that can rapidly escalate into a major server problem, we can respond promptly – often before you even know a problem is there. Where many other server management companies are reactive and wait on you to report a problem, we take that burden off of you by offering proactive server management.

Whether you require full Windows server management, Linux server management, help with configuring a new dedicated server, or simply need help installing a software package, we are able to assist you. By taking care of your server management needs, we free you up to give your full attention to running your business.


Server Management
Our pro-active server management program for Linux servers.
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Server Management
Our pro-active server management program for Windows servers. Includes commercial AV and Firewall.
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Design & Development

Server deployment, whether it is in your local network environment or remotely located in a data center, is a daunting task and most often requires the services of expert network, hardware, and operating systems engineers. The engineers at Green Olive Tree understand servers and what goes into making them work within a secure infrastructure.

At Green Olive Tree, we will help you configure and design the server and overall system architecture for everything from a single dedicated server to fully redundant clustered servers, or complete cloud server architecture and deployment. Consultancy services are available for hardware acquisition, operating systems, software choices and server management.

Green Olive Tree offers custom portal access for your dedicated server complete with tools for server load history, monitoring graphs, traffic history and many other server details.

If you find server management overwhelming, tedious, or you simply don’t have time, we can create and implement a complete server management plan for you. We are also happy to work in a partnership with your team if they would like to be actively involved in the management of your infrastructure. Either way, Green Olive Tree is here to serve you. Contact us for further information.

Server Management Consulting

Green Olive Tree has the experience to offer the best solutions to your web hosting and server management problems. It doesn’t matter if you have a small website on a shared server, or a massive website with intricate functions and heavy traffic that needs multiple servers. Green Olive Tree will design and implement a web hosting solution.

From dedicated server security, network monitoring administration, to Linux, Windows, and SQL server management, and cloud server management; you’ll benefit from our server management consulting.

Server Security

Security is one of the more important aspects of any server management service. There are many excellent tools available on the market to keep your server secure, but in our experience many business people cannot utilize this software to its full potential. This can easily lead to devastating results with regard to the security of a server. In fact, many of our long term professional relationships have started because people have had server and security problems that need fixing. President, Jon Berry, says that he often gets a call asking if he can “harden our server”. He has to explain that while Green Olive Tree can correct security issues for the short term, good server management and server security is not a onetime affair, it is a continuous process. At Green Olive Tree, it is our job to ensure that your server’s security is not compromised and that your data and server access will be protected.

Our security experts will install security software, apply security fixes, and provide general server hardening that will protect your server in the event you become a target. Our proactive server management approach will detect any threats before they become a serious problem. Because server security is an ongoing process, security software updates are installed and all necessary precautions are taken. Please don’t wait until you become a target, let our professionals secure your servers. Contact us at Green Olive Tree.


Green Olive Tree offers all manner of server administration services. Whether you need help setting up a new server, configuring a cluster of servers, reconfiguring an existing server, or assistance installing a piece of software, if it has anything to do with servers or cloud server management, we can do it for you.

Many companies, large and small, are considering the advantages of cloud server deployment. Green Olive Tree has the experience to help you design, configure, deploy, secure, and maintain your cloud-based servers.

Full-time Server Administration Services: Starting at just $149/month, we will become full administrators of your server. We’ll monitor and reboot as necessary, install updates, monitor for potential problems and spammers, and ensure smooth server operation. Contact us for more information about our server administration services.

Our customers have this to say:

I have been running my own web company for over 10 years, and as we all know/learn, hosting is hard. I finally upgraded to my own VPS with hundreds of clients, and things were a mess! Found Jon and his team at Green Olive, and haven’t had a single issue that wasn’t solved timely and correctly. Amazing to work with. #canadianclients #kelownawebsite

Jeff Paulson – KWD

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What Our Customers
Have To Say

About three years ago we were looking for a new server provider, the problem that we were having was we are not “server guys” and we had over 400 clients to take care of. So anytime we tried to get support we had to submit a ticket, try to explain what was going on, and then pray that the response was in some form that we could understand.

After the on-boarding with Green Olive Tree, they told us that we had twice as much server than we needed and they were not set up right. Thank goodness we have found someone that really looked at what we want to do and gave us real actionable advice. It is safe to say that we have found our server company, and now we can focus on growing out business and not have to worry about the reliability of our support.

Thanks again Green Olive Tree, You Guys Rock!

John Owens

Green Olive Tree has been an invaluable resource to my company allowing me to focus more on my business instead of the management of servers. In the five years I have done business with GOT I have had zero downtime. Knowing that everything is being kept up-to-date and they are proactively patching system flaws gives me peace of mind that I didn’t have before finding Green Olive Tree. Jon has always made himself available when I’ve needed advice or help on upgrading servers or software and I can’t imagine ever going back to managing a server without GOT.

Chris Smith

Green Olive Tree has been very good to us. Jon has helped us scale from 200,000 unique’s visitors a day to over 3 million per day. From 1 server to now 14 on a well-structured load balanced failsafe system. Not only that he has managed to reduce our server resources 3 fold by installing the right kind of software so we’re getting more power out of each server for the same price. He always responds very quickly and stays up at all kinds of crazy hours to help us out, the man never sleeps! I guess that’s why he was a Navy Chief, he brings that discipline into his work and that’s what we love.

Anthony Lipari

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