EasyApache 4 and you!

EasyApache 4 and you!

For all cPanel administrators, EasyApache is a commonly used tool for setting up and configuring all your Apache needs. It lets us use an easy to navigate web GUI to configure and compile Apache and PHP modules.

Well the cPanel DEV’s have come up with a new version of EasyApache that now provides us with faster build times and several new options that were once only available with third-party applications.

With those third-party apps we were still limited on what versions of Apache and PHP we could use. These third-party apps do the job, but still limit us.

Now, with EasyApache 4 we can achieve these things natively without the use of any third-party apps. cPanel has provided us better integrations with RedHat and CentOS operating systems, automatic updates for Apache and as well as complete support for Multi-PHP versioning.

That’s just a few of the new features available in EasyApache 4. There are several more that I think are really a step in the right direction.

You can find more information about EasyApache 4 here.


At this point EasyApache 4 is still in Beta but is available for testing and is considered to be a final version for release.

The official release date is not yet posted, however we have tested it and it works great.

For help with upgrading to the new version or questions, just shoot us an email or create a ticket.