cPanel 11.46

Last week, cPanel released version 11.46 to its Release tree which is what most servers run on.  Many servers have already gotten the latest version or will in the next couple of days.  There are, however, a couple of requirements that will prevent the new version from getting installe.d  More on that in a bit.

The big new features are:

– Single Sign On for default email account-Login to your email account through cPanel
– ModSecurityâ„¢ Tools and Configuration – Added interface that allows you to manage mod security
– Paper Lantern – cPanel’s modern theme allows you to add custom content to the cPanel interface
– MySQL backups include triggers and events
– Added record types for the Advanced DNS Zone Editor – Now supports AAAA and SRV record types
– Apache SpamAssassin upgrade
– Mass edit for TTL

There are a few things that will prevent the installation of 11.46.

– MySQL 5.0 or earlier
– FrontPage Extensions
– Less than 2.8 GB free on /usr

MySQL 5.1 was requires for the last major release of cPanel so most of you already have this.  5.1 and above will allow the latest version to install, but if you do have 5.1, your end users will be seeing a messages that tells them to ask you to upgrade.  MySQL 5.5 is really the standard for cPanel at this point and you should consider having us upgrade it if we have not already.

FrontPage extensions lost support a while ago as we have informed you previously.  cPanel has taken this to the next step though and that is that FrontPage extensions to to be completely removed before it will allow 11.46 to be installed.  You can find an option in WHM called uninstall FrontPage Extensions.  This option will remove the extensions from any sites that have them installed and then remove the system files.  We will be happy to assist you with this.

We are also seeing updates fail on systems that do not have at least 2.8 GB free on the /usr partition.  This could pose a real problem for servers with a lot of domains.  Several datacenters have been provisioning /usr as a 10 GB partition and that is simply too small with the way cPanel has grown.  We have some things we can move around, but I know a few of you have endemic issues in this regard and this will be a show stopper for updates.  Feel free to contact us and we can discuss options.