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Personal Service
We get to know you and your business so we can provide exactly what you need.
Internet Solutions
Cloud and server management, servers, monitoring, and security. No problems, just solutions.
Versatile Provider
Dedicated servers, virtual servers, shared web hosting; we’ll find what works best for your business.
Dedicated Servers
Running on Windows, Linux, both, and others! We have a full range of dedicated servers.
Proactive Server Management
With 24/7 monitoring, we’ll solve problems before you know they exist.
Dedicated Server Management and Web Hosting

Do you know you need server management help but don’t know where to start? Are you a small business without tech savvy staff but you know you need an internet presence? Is your web design firm getting overwhelmed by the tech problems of your hosting clients?

Green Olive Tree is here to help. We have experience with large and small businesses. While we provide services to IT professionals, we also work with the IT-illiterate, so if that’s you, you don’t need to worry about what you don’t know.

Our web hosting solutions include dedicated servers, virtual servers, and shared hosting plans. We also offer cloud server planning and administration, web server management, hosting strategies, server security, dedicated server hardening, and consulting for deployment of cloud, local, or data center servers.

Green Olive Tree staff takes the time to get to know you and your business so we can design and implement the server management or web hosting plan that works perfectly for you. And we are completely American-based so you never have to worry about dealing with an impersonal foreign call center. Our server management team is here to assist you, please contact us today.

“Green Olive Tree provides IWS Hosting with the constant server uptime, monitoring and troubleshooting we need in order to meet and exceed our client's expectations. We hired Green Olive Tree to be our vendor and what we ended up with was a strategic business partner who we rely on for our own business planning, growth and their expertise.”

— John Schwarberg

“We are so impressed with the service provided by Green Olive Tree. We have used many hosting providers in the past and have never received such wonderful customer service and technical support. Nothing is any trouble however big or small!

We would most certainly recommend Green Olive Tree to anyone who is looking for a host that is reliable, value for money, easy to use and has A+ customer and technical support.”

— TheTechGame ltd

“Recommending Green Olive Tree is easy - They are very dependable, very easy to work with, as well as experts in their field. I try not to ask them too many questions until I've done some research, but when I do have to ask, they always KNOW the answer AND respond within minutes. I's very impressive, and for that, I continue to do business with Green Olive Tree. Can't thank you enough! - Keep up the great work!”

— Arsham Mirshah

“Before we found Green Olive Tree we had a huge bandwidth leak that was costing us huge sums of money in bandwidth. Our host wouldn't help us, we were losing business and were at our wits end. Then we discovered GreenOliveTree. After signing up, Jon was able to locate the problem and fix it within minutes. Since then we've used him for various server issues. Think of GOT as insurance. The $95 monthly investment has saved us thousands and Jon is EXTREMELY fast.”

— Chad French

“We have been using Green Olive Tree for server administration for several years now. Since we started working with them we have come to know what a great administrative team should work like. There is a reason why we still choose GOT's services after all this time. Jon and his team consistently provide top level, timely service, but more importantly, they treat you with respect and professionalism that is hard to find in this industry. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for an able support team.”

— Artyom Khmelnitsky

“I can't tell you how much peace of mind I have knowing you have our back covered. Just FYI, I hired and fired another server management company in the span of 20 minutes because they didn't offer prompt support. Your service has got to be one of the best decisions I have made with Tafota so far. Big thanks from the bottom of my heart!”

— Grant Oakes

“Jon, you have always been somewhat mythical to me. I have heard your name many times, and you have fixed so many of my inane server issues, but until this point I wasn't even sure you actually existed. Kinda like a unicorn or Google customer support.”

— Daniel Marlowe

“Green Olive Tree has been providing us excellent service over the past few years. They are always available for any questions we have and have assisted us in some emergency server issues. Jon Berry is very knowledgeable, professional and very easy to reach for questions. I highly recommend his company to anyone needing his services.

May you be abundantly blessed this New Year.”

— Sarah Caniglia, LaserMonks, Inc.
"Purchasing with a Purpose"
website website website

“As a small business we have more than two dozen employees who rely on our centralized systems. This is to say nothing of our various websites and email. And, while I admit that I am perhaps a "demanding" and/or "challenging" client, I can say, without qualification, that Green Olive Tree is a Godsend. They provide the fastest response and never take "No" for an answer. They do what it takes to get the job done and always with a smile. Jon Berry is a highly skilled System Administrator, a Diplomat (he would have to be to work with us) and an all-around pleasure to work with. I simply cannot begin to describe how Green Olive Tree has saved us not only money, but made it possible for technologically-challenged people to sleep at night. I would welcome any calls to provide a long and detailed reference as to why you would be crazy to look elsewhere for a System Administration Company.”

— David Reiss

“I have been using Green Olive Tree for my server maintenance for several years and they have proven to be indispensible in keeping my business running smoothly. I recommend them to all of my customers.”

— Michael Fitzsimmons

“Green Olive Tree offers exceptional service with professionalism you won't find in most larger institutions. Jon and his team are well versed and well equipped to take on virtually any task, issue or question you may have or encounter. Our two servers have been well-taken care of as if they were his own. With his assistance and quick-response, he saved us from facing a major server related issue during the peak traffic season of Cyber Monday and Black Friday.”

— LogicBUY Team

“Green Olive Tree has been rock solid in both performance and customer service. I was previously hosting my website with a large company who charged more and provided LESS than stellar service. Jon made the move from my old service so smoothly and has made my life so much easier! Since I have an e-commerce site, it's imperative my website is up and performing well every day. No more down times, no more headaches. It's a relief to know my web presence is in great hands with Green Olive Tree and the customer service provided is by far the best there is. I highly recommend them for all your internet needs.”

— Gayla Young

“Jon, You are awesome. Thank you so much for the super lightning fast response. I think you saved me from going into a full blown freak out!

I wish everyone ran their business with the passion, dedication, and commitment that you do.”

— Christine OKelly