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Dedicated and Cloud Servers

Having a dedicated server eliminates perils that come with hosting on a shared server. Shared servers can host thousands of websites. If one of those sites is hacked or suddenly exceeds its resources, the entire server could crash taking your website with it. Having your own Cloud or Dedicated server allows your website its own private server hardware, while using its own resources. We offer complete server management, or you may choose a Self-Managed server where you have root access. We offer a full range of Cloud and Dedicated servers, the latest hardware and software including Windows, Linux, Hex-core Xeons and Cisco firewalls. We also offer load balancing, dedicated database, and application server arrays, and the latest in virtual server technology.

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Cloud (Virtual) Servers

Server virtualization is when you have multiple servers ‘virtually’ running off of one single server. They run independently like a dedicated server. Virtual private servers have a separate server load, operating system, and can be rebooted individually. Virtual private servers are a great solution if you don’t want the expense of a dedicated server or the headache of a shared server.

Green Olive Tree offers the latest hardware and software for virtual private servers including: OpenVZ, Citrix XenServer, VMWare and Xen/KVM for Linux virtual private servers and have Xen based virtual private servers for Windows or Linux operating systems. Virtual private servers start at just $19/month.

Cloud Servers

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