Security is one of the more important aspects of any server management service. There are many excellent tools available on the market to keep your server secure, but in our experience many business people cannot utilize this software to its full potential. This can easily lead to devastating results with regard to the security of a server. In fact, many of our long term professional relationships have started because people have had server and security problems that need fixing. President, Jon Berry, says that he often gets a call asking if he can “harden our server”. He has to explain that while Green Olive Tree can correct security issues for the short term, good server management and server security is not a onetime affair, it is a continuous process. At Green Olive Tree, it is our job to ensure that your server’s security is not compromised and that your data and server access will be protected.

Our security experts will install security software, apply security fixes, and provide general server hardening that will protect your server in the event you become a target. Our proactive server management approach will detect any threats before they become a serious problem. Because server security is an ongoing process, security software updates are installed and all necessary precautions are taken. Please don’t wait until you become a target, let our professionals secure your servers. Contact us at Green Olive Tree.

Server Security