Server deployment, whether it is in your local network environment or remotely located in a data center, is a daunting task and most often requires the services of expert network, hardware, and operating systems engineers. The engineers at Green Olive Tree understand servers and what goes into making them work within a secure infrastructure.

At Green Olive Tree, we will help you configure and design the server and overall system architecture for everything from a single dedicated server to fully redundant clustered servers, or complete cloud server architecture and deployment. Consultancy services are available for hardware acquisition, operating systems, software choices and server management.

Green Olive Tree offers custom portal access for your dedicated server complete with tools for server load history, monitoring graphs, traffic history and many other server details.

If you find server management overwhelming, tedious, or you simply don’t have time, we can create and implement a complete server management plan for you. Conversely, we’ll assist you if you are interested in being actively involved with your server management. Either way, Green Olive Tree is here to serve you. Contact us for further information.

Design and Deployment