Dedicated Servers Provide Exclusive Use of the Web Server

While shared servers are less costly than dedicated servers, they come with more of a potential for risk. Having a dedicated server eliminates certain perils that come with web hosting on a shared server. A shared server could host hundreds to thousands of websites. If one of those sites is hacked or suddenly uses excess resources, the entire shared server could crash and take your website down with it. Dedicated servers allow your website to run on its own private server hardware while using all its resources. Dedicated servers can be ordered as Fully Managed Dedicated Servers, meaning Green Olive Tree looks after all of the server requirements for you. The other option is a Self-Managed server where you have root access.

Green Olive Tree offers a full range of dedicated servers, the latest hardware and software including Windows, Linux, Hex-core Xeons and Cisco firewalls. We also offer load balancing, dedicated database, and application server arrays, and the latest in virtual server technology. If you need advice about dedicated servers, contact us at Green Olive Tree.

Dedicated Servers